Shopware stop working after update 5.3.7 to 5.4.2

The server software on my server is currently silent on version 5.3.7, but it should be on 5.4.2., Because it takes advantage of the auto-update functionality provided by my server host Mittwald. But it seams that it has failed like that before. So i used the one click update functionality at the Mittwald backend, with whom I have no problems normaly. But not so today. Firefox via pressing shift + F5 but not via curl -I on console as Usually. So i leaved the house for carring my son home. But after a couple of minutes i got a message from my monitoring system that brougth up the worst case, a server error 500. Nothing worked anymore. Ok, i tried to kept cool and back on keyboard i start to investigate.

First check the php error log. Therefore at Mittwald, you have to activate it in the php.ini. Its located in


log_errors = On

Second: set a path to the error log

error_log = /tmp/php_error.log

Then have look on what’s going on:
tail -f /tmp/php_error.log
And fire up exact one more request:
curl -I url

To see the problems that lastly appear i use the tail interactive mode:

tail -f /tmp/php_error.log
[13-Apr-2018 16:35:51 Europe/Berlin] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined methodShopware\Models\Shop\DetachedShop::getAlwaysSecure() in /html/shopware/engine/Shopware/Plugins/Community/Frontend/BestitAmazonPay/Bootstrap.php:2113
Stack trace:
#0 blaa
#1 blaa
#2 blaa
#3 blaa
#4 /html/shopware/engine/Library/Enlight/Controller/Front.php(222): Enlight_Controller_Dispatcher_Default->
Object(Enlight_Cont in
/html/shopware/engine/Shopware/Plugins/Community/Frontend/BestitAmazonPay/Bootstrap.php on line 2113

Ok, Amazon, this is a indicator and so i deactivate the Amazon Plugin, update it and reactivate it. And the system is back online.

Autor: Rob Tranquillo

front & backend web coder, social & politics, snow & wakeboard, guitar & bass, vegan & yoga

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